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List of products

Holiness Revival Movement in London

0795 601 6465


1-Love not the world
2-The Selfless Life
3-26 Ways to be Free from the Sin of Immorality

4- Passion and Wisdom for Soul Winning

5- The Unconquerable Man

6- Honoured Marriage and Freedom from Immorality

7- Revelation on Christian Dressing Examined by Scripture

8- Crucifying Self to keep the Church United

9- Regaining the Presence and the Glory of the Church

10- The Kingdom, Power and the Glory

11- Grace and Truth for Salvation and Eternal Life

12- Complete Obedience and Submission to God’s Word

13- Eternal Consequence of a Hardened Heart

14- Barnabas, The Son of Consolation

15- Acceptable Christian Service


1- Preparation for the Rapture DVD 1 - PASTOR PAUL RIKA

* We are in the time of the rapture, be informed!

* True Revival Preceding His Glorious Appearing

2- Preparation for the Rapture DVD 2 - PASTOR PAUL RIKA

* Personal Preparation for His Glorious Appearance

* Good and Bad responses to God’s Judgement and Mercy.

3 - Gods end time strategic ministry DVD 1

* Strategic ministry of the endtime

* Jesus The Captain of Holiness Movement
4 - Gods end time strategic ministry DVD 2

* Interviews with those that had Divine Revelation

* Diligent Investigation and Discernment of Heaven Claimed Revelation.

5 - The Life-dressing and Ministry of Holy Women DVD 1

* Dressing and modesty of a Holy Christian

* General Question and Answers

6 - The Life-dressing and Ministry of Holy Women DVD 2

* The Woman’s passionate Love for Jesus

* End-Time Holiness Movement
7 - Biblical relationship between Christians and Christian leaders DVD 1

* The Foundation & Conviction of Holiness Revival Movement

* Exercising Righteousness, Truth and Holiness Towards Your Christian Leader
8-Determination to win the heavenly race DVD 1

* Running the race to win the Heavenly prize.

* Obstacles in the Heavenly Race.
9 - Determination to win the heavenly race DVD 2

* Finishing the Christian race successfully.

* Lay hold on eternal life.

10 - Signs and wonders in the Christian ministry DVD 1

* Jesus has healed you

* Healing, deliverance and miracles in truth and holiness
11 - Signs and wonders in the Christian ministry DVD 2

* A generation in quest of miracles

* His Kingdom, His Power and His Glory.

* Genuine repentance from witchcraft occultism.

12 - Gods comfort and care for you DVD 1

* The God that comforts His children

* Jesus Has healed you

* God will protect you

13 - Gods comfort and care for you DVD 2

* A new repentance

* The Comforting acts of Love.

14 - The basics of Christianity DVD 1

* The Doctrine of Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ

* The Doctrine of Sanctification and Holy Living

* The Doctrine of Holy Ghost baptism

15 - The basics of Christianity DVD 2

* The Doctrine of Christian Restitution

* The devotional life of a holy Christian

16 - Pastor Paul Rika on Heaven DVD 1

* Preparation for Heaven

* Living for Heaven

* Have Faith in the God of Heaven
17 - Pastor Paul Rika on Heaven DVD 2

* Working for Heaven

* The Battle for Heaven

* Entering Heaven at last.

18 - Holiness in Christian ministry

* Holiness and integrity in the Christian Life and Ministry

* God’s covenant with His holy preachers

* Courage and boldness of holiness preachers.
19 - Ministerial exploit DVD 1

* Spirit fullness for end-time ministry

* Manifestation of the sons of God.
20 - Ministerial exploit DVD 2

* Divine call for greater works

* Good understanding of the Great Commission
21 - Holy Living DVD 1

* Hunger for truth, righteousness and holiness

* The Doctrine of sanctification and holiness

* The definition and universality of holiness
22 - Holy Living DVD 2

* Perfecting Holiness in the fear of God.

* The Christian in the World.

23 - Christian marriage and family life in biblical perspective DVD 1

* Be careful with your marriage because of Heaven

* Marriage Testimony

24 - Christian marriage and family life in biblical perspective DVD 2

* Working out a God-pleasing Marriage

* Understanding the Doctrine of Christian Marriage Q&A.

25 - Divine Revelation of God’s Holiness and Judgement - MICHAEL T. SAMBO

* God took me to Heaven & Hell

26 - Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Michael T. Sambo

27 - Testimony by SADDIQ IBRAHIM

28 - The reality of Hell Fire by EZEKIEL MOSES

29 - The Great Commission and Commitment to Total Gospel - Pastor Rika

30 - The Knowledge and Fear of God - Pastor Rika

31 - Commitment to God’s Word and Scriptural Revelation - Pastor Rika

32 - Understanding and Receiving the Grace of God - Pastor Rika

33 - Christian Restitution for your Peace & Holiness - Prof. Mrs. Malum

34 - Divine Revelation with Divine Message - Sister Linda & Bro. Sambo

35 - An Encounter with Jesus that Changes Life by Evangelist M. Amure

36 - Testimony of her encounter with the Lord Jesus - Sis. Linda Ngaujah

37 - Divine encounter of 14 year old - Bro. Samuel Oghentega Emmanuel

38 - Awesome Testimony Re-enacted - By Ian McCormack


39- Testimony of Heaven & Hell by Adelaide DeCarrillo

40- Third trip to Heaven and Hell by Angelica Zambrano

41- Divine Revelation of Heaven & Hell 1 by Michael Sambo

42- Divine Revelation of Heaven & Hell 2 by Michael Sambo

43- Holiness & Restitution Testimony of Heaven & Hell by Abraham Yakubu

44- Discerning False Prophets by Pastor Rika

45- Holiness and Integrity in the Christian Life and Ministry by Pastor Rika

46- Questions & Answers 1st Session by Pastor Rika

47- Questions & Answers 2nd Session by Pastor Rika

+++ New From Conference in Europe

48- End-time Revival Explosive

DVD 1 - A Testimony of Angelic Ministry in our time

DVD 2 – A Testimony of Divine Visitation to Heaven & Hell

49- End-Time Revival for the Church

DVD 1 – Jesus Demands His church back

DVD 2 – Regaining the presence and glory of the church

50- God’s choice and commission of HOREMOW

DVD 1 – We have a divinely approved ministry

DVD 2 – Christ Church in the Hand of Men

51- Living and Working in Truth and Love

DVD 1 – Christian Unity in Truth and Love

DVD 2 – Building a Good Church

52- Forgiveness of Sins and Righteousness Living

DVD 1 – Blessed is he who sins are forgiven

DVD 2 – Righteousness and Holiness made simple

53- The Saint that Made Heaven and the Backslider that went to Hell

DVD 1 – A Saint that Made Heaven

DVD 2 – A Backslider in Hell Fire.

54- True and False Ministers in Christ Church

DVD 1 – The Place of True and False Prophets and Teachers in the church.

DVD 2 – Good Understanding of the Great Commission

55- The Vision of the Christian Life

56- The Christian Unity and Fellowship

57- Passion for Purity

58- Eternal Consequences for Hardening the Heart

59- Understanding and Receiving Deliverance from Witchcraft and Occultism

60- Message from a Muslim in Hell Fire

61- A New Repentance

62- The Difference Between Anointing and Holiness

63-Contending Against Denominational Barriers

64-We are in the Time of the Rapture: be informed

65- Faith that cannot be Denied by Mrs Love Emmanuel

66- Testimony Of Heaven and Hell by Pastor John Noah

67- 11 Year Old Girl Testimony of Hell by Nayeli Gomez Utus



1- Divine Revelation of God’s Holiness and Judgement by Michael T. Sambo

2- Divine Revelation and Scriptural Exposition on Believers Holiness in Clothing and Adornment by Pastor Paul Rika

3- Delightful Revelation of Heaven and How to get there by Pastor Rika

4- Do Not Glory Yet by Pastor Abraham Yakubu

5- Prophetic Revelation on Prominent Nigerian Preachers by Rose Achobe

6- Worshipping God in The Beauty of Holiness by Pastor Rika

7- Truth, Holiness and Rewards in Christian Giving by Pastor Paul Rika

8- Purify yourself by Pastor Paul Rika

9- Visions & Activities of Holiness Revival Movement by Pastor Rika

10- The Last Warning by Evangelist Morgan & Tithe Frank

11- Reasons Why many Believers will not make Heaven by Evangelist Morgan

12- How to Win a Soul to Christ by Pastor Theres Olori